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ABM-AGRI hedquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is spesialized in supply of agricultal products shuch as Grains, Oils & Oil seeds, Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Dried Fruties and Nuts, Spices, Canned Foods and Speciality Products.

ABM-AGRI international Trading is an agricultural product trading company fponded in 1996 in Business Bay, Dubai, and with offices in switzerland, Turkey and Armrnia.
Concentrating merely on the supply of wide range of food grains and animal feeds from CIS and south America countries to the Asia and the middle east Market. we are proud to have particular customes from worldwide as a result of our accuracy and precisely respond to their inquiries.
adhering no the principle of “winning mutual benefits with our sincere collaboration”, we distribute, wholesale, and retails paper and boards for graphical, publishing, packaging.

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Our Products

Feed Corn

The corn grain is a major animal feed grain and a standard component of livestock diet where it is used as a source of energy. Corn breeders have created many cultivars that correspond the specific climatic or agronomic conditions and uses.

Feed Barley

Animal feed barley grain production ranked fourth behind corn, rice, and wheat. Barely has more protein than other cereals commonly used in ruminant diets. Barley is utmost importance for livestock feeding, which accounts for about 85% of barley 

Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is the by-product of the extraction of soybean oil. Several processes exist, resulting in different products. Soybean meal is usually classified for marketing by its crude protein content. High-protein types are obtained from dehulled seeds and contain 47-

Canola Meal

Canola meal is palatable, with an excellent amino acid profile and low level of glycosylates. When used in dairy rations, it can increase milk production by one liter of milk per cow per day.

Cottonseed Meal

Cottonseed meal is the by-product of oil extraction from cotton seeds. As a protein-rich feed, cottonseed meal is common source of protein for ruminants, who are relatively tolerant to gossypol. Cottonseed meal is also 

Sunflower Meal

Sunflower meal is the by-product of sunflower oil, which is an excellent livestock feed. A wide variety of products are available on the market, from low-quality straw-like meals to high-quality flours. It is usually graded and ..

Feed Wheat

Feed wheat is higher in protein than other common feed grains such as corn, barley, or oats. Varity of wheat available for animal feeding depends on the region. It can be fed whole or processed in many ways. It can be fed in association with other ingredient, or 


Pistachios grow in arid climates and regions prevailing well-drained soil and dry conditions. ABM-AGRI offers food manufacturers a full line of wholesale Iranian in-shell pistachios and shelled pistachio products (pistachio kernels


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world — with 1 pound (450 grams) costing between 500 and 5,000 U.S. dollars.
The reason for its hefty price is its labor-intensive harvesting method, making the production costly.


ABM- Agri trades a wide assortment of wholesale rice products from all over the globe. Rice is a versatile grain that is popular in a great many ethnic cuisines. Rice is a great source for several essential vitamins and minerals. It comes in white or brown colours, in long, medium, and short varieties.


Dates are the tropical stone-fruits grown on the date palm (phoenix datylifera) with origins going back more than 5,000 years ago to the Persian Gulf area of the Middle East. The fruits ripen in large clusters, morphing in color, texture, and flavor while on the tree, from light green, crunchy, and astringent to soft


ABM-Agri is pleased to offer Refined Granulated, Cristal, Brown Sugar with vary packaging based on customer demand. ABM-Agri has total conditions to serve different types of customers, both in the retail market and in the industrial market.


Raisin varieties depend on the type of grape used and are made in a variety of sizes and colors. They are traditionally sun-dried, but may also be water-dipped and artificially dehydrated.

Tomato Paste

We are glade to supply high quality TOMATO PASTE from 100% fresh tomatoes as per below spec. Application field: ketchups, sauces, juices production, HoReCaShelf life: 2 years since production date under the temperature -10С 

ABM-AGRI international Trading


We are an agricultural trading company based in DUBAI Focused in Grains, Oilseeds, Oils and Fats, Proteins, Wood logs, Charcoal and Food-Stuff, in the domestic, regional, middle east, CIS markets. We have strategical Joint Ventures in Switzerland, Turkey and Armenia with farmers and cooperatives.
We guarantee a customized and efficient logistics execution for their demands, offering shipments from 1-ton to 10000-ton and packing bulk or bagged as per their specific demands.

ABM-AGRI At A Glance

Since its founding, ABM-AGRI INTERNATIONAL TRADING has been constantly enhancing its capabilities as a Agro distributor expanding its area of business coverage in line with the changing needs of society and the times. With over 20 years of experience in the international market, we have merit to offer financing and investment facilities to our loyal customers. Worth knowing we have our Shipment Company, which gives us the strength to deliver products from throughout the world to any destination based on customer’s requirements.

Our Services

ABM-AGRI is a responsible company. We believe that we are constantly evolving in the field of technical and commercial services. We know we are not perfect and we are not; But we believe that the points that can be improved can be turned into the strength of the organization with honesty, frankness and intimacy. In the new millennium, honesty is the only way out and we hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholders in the organization, including customers, employees, shareholders, competitors, people, suppliers, laws and the environment. Transparency in the field of service is one of the foundations of the company.

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