ABM-AGRI At A Glance

ABM-AGRI International Trading

ABM-AGRI mainly operates within the sale of feedstuff mixes, ingredients and vitamin mixes, fertiliser, crop protection, seed, plus the purchase of crops from farmers. ABM-AGRI is also distributor of a number of strong farm machinery brands, and runs an extensive chain of hobby and leisure retail outlets. Our focus is on being the best possible business partner to our customers and owners. Our decision are based on their needs.

Today the parent company ABM-AGRI. stand on the shoulders of a number of proud agribusinesses, which have become part of the family during the years. we take pride in running our business in accordance with the original co-operative principles. Our aim is to promote our members financial interests in the best possible way.

The vision

ABM-AGRI has a vision of becoming the preferred and most important business partner to farmers in CSI and the middle east region. It is necessary in order to be able to generate the best possible conditions for generating value for each individual farmer. It ensures that we can provide farmers with quality products and services on competitive terms.

The mission

Our mission is to provide middle east and international farmers with quality products and services on competitive terms and to buy the farmers crops intended for optimal onward sale.

Our focus – Cultivating Value

Cultivating Value is the ABM-AGRI value sentence, which we live by every day. For ABM-AGRI Cultivating Value means that we have focus on creating and securing value growth for our customers. All our decisions are based in this focus. Across the group, we take pride in offering the products and services, which create the best results for our customers. We wish to develop our employees so they at all times possess the knowledge and experience which benefit our customers on a daily basis. Cultivating refers to a wish and a passion about strengthen, grow and refine concrete products and/or human competencies and knowledge.

Value refers to the value growth we wish to see at our customers, whether it happens through concrete production results on the individual farm or through increased knowledge.